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DP Frostbite YJ style (Pencil) by RedMoonWhiteTiger DP Frostbite YJ style (Pencil) :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 4 0 Dani Phantom - YJ style by RedMoonWhiteTiger Dani Phantom - YJ style :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 6 0 YJ:DW Chapter 2 - Shadow of Doubt (II) by RedMoonWhiteTiger YJ:DW Chapter 2 - Shadow of Doubt (II) :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 13 0 Danny Phantom - YJ style redraw (coloured) by RedMoonWhiteTiger Danny Phantom - YJ style redraw (coloured) :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 5 2 Then And Now (Danny Phantom Redraw) by RedMoonWhiteTiger Then And Now (Danny Phantom Redraw) :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 1 2 Danny Phantom - YJ Style (Redraw) by RedMoonWhiteTiger Danny Phantom - YJ Style (Redraw) :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 2 0 YJ:DW Mission Concept by RedMoonWhiteTiger YJ:DW Mission Concept :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 30 4 Artemis and highlights: Before/After by RedMoonWhiteTiger Artemis and highlights: Before/After :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 1 0 YJ:DW Chapter 2 - Shadow of Doubt by RedMoonWhiteTiger YJ:DW Chapter 2 - Shadow of Doubt :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 6 2 YJ:DW Chapter 11 - Trade Secrets by RedMoonWhiteTiger YJ:DW Chapter 11 - Trade Secrets :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 14 5 Aging Gracefully by RedMoonWhiteTiger Aging Gracefully :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 1 0 Twilight Infinity by RedMoonWhiteTiger Twilight Infinity :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 0 3 Ripples in Crimson by RedMoonWhiteTiger Ripples in Crimson :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 3 1 YJ Phantom - Coloured by RedMoonWhiteTiger YJ Phantom - Coloured :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 2 0 Danny Phantom - Young Justice Style by RedMoonWhiteTiger Danny Phantom - Young Justice Style :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 1 0 Young Justice - Deathly Weapons by RedMoonWhiteTiger Young Justice - Deathly Weapons :iconredmoonwhitetiger:RedMoonWhiteTiger 7 1


AF cast by monotogne AF cast :iconmonotogne:monotogne 293 37 Halfa by Skellagirl Halfa :iconskellagirl:Skellagirl 433 61 Phantoms by SixofClovers Phantoms :iconsixofclovers:SixofClovers 123 7
The Hahren
The Keeper knows of deeper things
Of ancient times and Arlathan
She knows the rituals and the rites
From when we walked in Elvhenan.
She knows how one should speak a prayer
And how to write down history
Some say she knows all one can know
But others smile, and point to me.
My knowing’s of a different kind
Not quite as old, though no less true
It’s knowledge found in threads of life
That all can learn, but little do.
My secrets cannot train a mage
Nor lead us back to glory pasts –
But as we slowly lose our grasp
Of what we were, my knowledge lasts. 
I know which colours of the sky,
Which shape of clouds, mean it will rain
And when to furl the wagon sails
And when to fold them out again.
I know when meat is good and cooked
What colour proper tea should be
And how to braid a maiden’s hair
And weave it through with chicory.
I know which boys will get which girls
Or girls get girls, or boys get boys
I know which herbs will last the cold
And which the touch of fr
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 4 9
Danny Phantom by Blue-Pancakes Danny Phantom :iconblue-pancakes:Blue-Pancakes 87 7 Off by jingles31 Off :iconjingles31:jingles31 56 10 Fuck you I'm a ghost by fightbeast Fuck you I'm a ghost :iconfightbeast:fightbeast 652 42 Old West Batman VS Joker by Blackmoonrose13 Old West Batman VS Joker :iconblackmoonrose13:Blackmoonrose13 267 5 EMBER Concert by Krossan EMBER Concert :iconkrossan:Krossan 1,001 50 YJ: Are you crying by malin-j YJ: Are you crying :iconmalin-j:malin-j 472 0
Unlearning Fear
Dalton Hawke can’t decide whether it’s a beautiful morning or not.
The arguments for yes: the sky is vast and open, barely a single wisp of cloud breaking up the swathe of pale blue-grey. The high walls of Skyhold keep out the worst of the wind, and the air is fresh from the dawn, cool and bracing in Dalton’s throat. The fortress is alive with life, the sun making the green and russet leaves translucent, the courtyards thrumming with activity and chatter.
The arguments for no: he slept badly, his dreams a nonsensical and really rather unpleasant blur of Templars and darkspawn and multiple raging Arishoks. And more importantly, every face here is unfamiliar, and they’ll stay unfamiliar until he can find Varric, which doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon. Perhaps he’ll be better at navigating the keep after a week or two here, but for now, the place is worse than a maze. Standing in the courtyard, surrounded by strangers, with no i
:iconskyflower51:Skyflower51 3 3
Luna Lovegood by Ludmila-Cera-Foce Luna Lovegood :iconludmila-cera-foce:Ludmila-Cera-Foce 1,152 89 Superhero by TheChicEffect Superhero :iconthechiceffect:TheChicEffect 230 28 True Story by Alindraws True Story :iconalindraws:Alindraws 93 9 Can I Keep This? by Alindraws Can I Keep This? :iconalindraws:Alindraws 448 15 Young Justice- stupid comic P1 by Spartichi Young Justice- stupid comic P1 :iconspartichi:Spartichi 537 47



DP Frostbite YJ style (Pencil)
An attempt at drawing Frostbite, leader of the Far Frozen.

This one was... interesting.  I had to look up wolf and bear skeletons and then create a fake skull structure before I could even start bringing him out into the more 3D, realistic styles (Well, as "realistic" as I can be when dealing with a race of toga-wearing, fluffy white yeti ghosts).  Ended up leaning heavily on real-life wolves, with a bit of bear and some deer (one word: antlers) thrown into the final design.  Have to say, it's much harder to work with anatomy when you don't have a solid real-world equivalent to go from.  Superman and Wolf used as references for YJ style - Superman mostly because he's the undisputed king of disproportionately large barrel-chested-ness.

Overall Frostbite's turned out... okay I think (?).  Probably the most complex pose I've managed for a style-conversion so far.  Con-crit welcome.  Will eventually do a digital trace and colour.

As always, inspired by the YJ-DW fanfic-verse.  Yes, you can take this as an indication that he will be appearing the story at some later point of the plot (very very very much later).

Mandatory Disclaimer:  As always, Frostbite is not an original character, his design is the property of Butch Hartman/ Nickelodeon.  Nor do I own Young Justice or its art style - credit to Greg Weisman, Brandon Vietti, Phil Bourassa, DC Comics, Warner Bros etc.

Image © RedMoonWhiteTiger 2017
Dani Phantom - YJ style
"It's Dani, with an i"

Finishing off the year with a drawing of our favourite half-ghost clone. 

And here I thought drawing her cousin was a challenge - trying to make her look like Danny while keeping her younger and feminine and in line with YJ's art style... I think I need to lie down. 

As per usual, this is based on the YJ:DW-fanfic-verse which is why she's older in this drawing - coming up on fourteen (at least physically).  Overall I'm rather pleased with how she's turned out.  I think I'm slowly getting a better grip on the design sensibilities of the show.  Robin, Zatanna and Artemis used as style references for this one.

Obvious Disclaimer:  I don't own Danny Phantom, nor do I own Young Justice. All rights to respective creators/publishers.

Interested parties can find the story here:…

Have a great 2017 everyone!
YJ:DW Chapter 2 - Shadow of Doubt (II)
"And how are you going to stop me hmmm... little Robin?"


Scene from earlier in the fight of Chapter 2 of the fanfiction Young Justice: Deathly Weapons.  I know I've drawn this chapter before but last time the results were kind of... mixed (not surprising seeing as it was basically a coloured sketch). I wanted to see if I could do better.  And here we are.

Really happy with the technical side to this piece - it taught me a lot of new tricks with Illustrator CS6 and challenged me to convert looks I've only ever tried on paper to digital form.  I solemnly swear never to attempt this much metal, glass and geometric perspective in one image again. 

Spectra has been reinterpreted, hopefully to greater effect this time around (skulls, skeletons and medical cases of anorexia were the reference points, just in case you weren't sure she was evil).  I definitely prefer the shadowy tail over the legs from the previous version.  This is also the first time I've ever drawn a front-shot of one of the YJ cast - pretty pleased with how he came out all things considered.

Disclaimer:  Robin, Spectra and the universes they come from are not my creation.  Credit to Butch Hartman, Nickelodeon, Greg Weisman, Brandon Vietti, DC comics, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network etc.

However, this picture is a completely from-scratch piece of original fan-art so I'd appreciate a link or artist credit if you want to use/share/repost. 

Image ©2016 RedMoonWhiteTiger

Link to Story:…

First Drawing: redmoonwhitetiger.deviantart.c…


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Welcome to my Deviant page!

I’m RedMoonWhiteTiger, or just RedMoon for short. If you’ve been on you might have run across me under the author name Three Ways Divided (3WD).

About me:

Soon-to-be-graduated university student living in Australia. Formally I’ve studied science (mostly Biology/ Biochemistry) but with liberal dashes of Arts/English creative hobbies. In my spare time I like to read and write fiction, take photographs (some of which I may eventually post here), draw, sketch, paint, sew, grow plants and occasionally try my hand at cooking.

Find me on fanfiction:…

Some FAQs:

What media do you use to make your art?

Depends on the art type. For photography I use a Panasonic camera and a fairly old and battered tripod when needed. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to sketches - pencil, paper and the ever trusty fine-line marker. With painting I mostly use acrylics, on canvas if I can manage it. For digital art I start with a sketch then scan, trace and colour with Adobe Illustrator CS6, with a bit of Photoshop to finish as need be. Over the years I’ve dabbled with a few other techniques; lino- and wood-cuts, watercolours, clay works, ceramics, papier-mâché etc., but usually I deviate back to my main four for most of the pieces you’ll see here.

Are you a member of any fandoms?

Not officially, no, but that’s mostly because I tend to be a late-comer (one of the downsides of living in Oz). I’m a big fan of old-school Pokémon and Spyro as well as Elder Scrolls Games and the original Teen Titans show. Young Justice is my current muse alongside Danny Phantom, though I have also dabbled in the greater DC-verse and have made the occasional foray into the wonderful world of Japanese manga/ anime. If tried to list my favourite books we’d be here all day, but fantasy and/or crime fictions make up most of my top 100.

Do you do requests/ commissions/ art-trades?

I’m open to requests depending on what you have in mind. Send me a note and we can talk about it - I’m mostly a hobby artist but I’m happy to put something together if you’ve got an idea that you’d really like to see. [Quick warning: I have a general policy against drawing characters in sexualised or compromising positions/ situations, so please don’t ask for that.] I can also do logos and fiction covers if you need them. Feel free to get in touch.

That’s all for now,


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